How do I register my Site License for Sage Pastel Partner or Xpress 2007 on the web?

You would need to obtain a Site license from a Sage Pastel business partner.

The P.C you are registering the Site license for will need to be registered as a local/ server registration.

If you register on the web site you will need to add this additional serial number in as an additional module, and provide the highlighted blue access code for this. You will see there are two spaces to enter your access code: the first one will be for your main P.C., the second for the P.C that would have the site license on (see screen above). You will then click on Generate authorisation code.

The Authorisation/ registration code under additional modules will be the one used to register the second P.C

Should you require assistance, please contact the Sage Pastel Registrations on:
+27 11 304 3400