How do I register my package?

Sage Pastel Partner or Xpress 2009 Registration

In Sage Pastel Partner and Xpress 2009 you are required to select your Registration Type. This should appear after the welcome screen. Once you have selected the appropriate registration type (as outlined on the screenshot below) click Next.

Please note that a workstation registration will be selected if the computer you are working on is a workstation mapped to the server. A remote server registration type will be used if your server is not running a windows operating system.

The screen below will prompt you to enter your Serial Number and Registered Name. The country will automatically be selected, based on your Serial Number. Then click Next.

If your computer is connected to the internet, you will automatically be directed to the Pastel Accounting website to follow the prompts and complete the registration process. (see screenshot below)

When you click on complete registration, your access code and registration code will automatically be inserted in your package. Then click Next.

A summary screen will then display. Click next, and then click finish to complete the registration, and exit Pastel for the registration to update. Your Pastel Accounting package should now be registered. This can be confirmed by looking under help/about in Pastel.

Should you require assistance, please contact the Sage Pastel Registrations on:
+27 11 304 3400