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Sage Pastel Auditor – saving you up to 15 minutes an hour, every hour you audit

Increasing the efficiency of Auditors and Accountants during the audit process will save time and money – two things that businesses always need more of! With Sage Pastel Auditor auditing software, getting to grips with the business you are auditing is simpler, easier and faster. With Sage Pastel Auditor, you can analyse trends, produce management accounts, as well as a full set of financial statements with notes. In a matter of minutes, it provides you with the “big picture” view of your client’s business, making your job of analysing the data more meaningful.

Sage Pastel Auditor is so advanced, when integrated with our other programs it intuitively draws relevant information from them, saving you at least 15 minutes and hour, every hour you audit. You literally take back time from the mundane aspects of accounting, which makes Sage Pastel Auditor software some of the best programming we’ve done so far!

Key Features

  1. With Sage Pastel Auditor you can extract a full set of financial statements directly into Excel, giving you the flexibility of customising your reporting pack into the format you want it. A “notes to financials” template is supplied that contains all of the statutory disclosure items you need.
  2. You can reach the notes to the financial statement by utilising the hyperlink situated in the Notes column on the Balance Sheet and Income Statement. Once this link is clicked, you are taken to the direct note location within the Notes sheet.
  3. A full set of lead schedules can be extracted, simply by clicking on the item in the financial statements. A transactional-level drill down facility is included.
  4. With Sage Pastel Auditor you can create a trend analysis at GL level. With one click you can plot a trend on each GL account, including prior and current year balances, and you have the ability to drill down to transactions, month by month.

”Sage Pastel Auditor’s templates are based on SA GAAP and IFRS for Small to Medium Enterprises. Should you need any country specific customisation of the current templates, editing may be required. The templates are Microsoft Excel based which makes customisation simple. These templates may then be saved for future use.”

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